20-02-2018 Why BDE

20-02-2018 Why BDE

WHY Black Dutch Entrepreneurs?

It is about time that the Afro-Dutch community realized that we live in a Neoliberal world in which everything, all knowledge, skills, human potential and creativity are expressed in market mechanisms, economic gains and opportunities. It is time that we realize that we can play a major role in this world market if we become aware of our marginal economic positions. It is therefore in our interest to improve our position on the labor market and as entrepreneurs. But above all, it is our own responsibility to join forces as community to be of real meaning to our society.


BDE is a dynamic club of Black Dutch Entrepreneurs. We want to make a difference through entrepreneurship and encourage each other to discover our entrepreneurial qualities. In addition, we believe that continuous personal and professional development are important when it comes to Black Leadership. We have a responsibility to give something back to our community and to be an example for our young people and all of our core members have the expertise for this. We see this as an assignment because the changing labor market will create many new opportunities that we do not want to miss. Too many of our young people are being trained for disciplines that will become redundant due to, among other things, technological developments. At the same time, competition on the labor market is increasing and new target groups are entering the market with whom we hope to work together from an equal socio-economic position. If possible, we want us to become an X factor in business for each other and for others.


Our members organize meetings, business pitches and Black Inc. pitch rounds to get to know each other better and to unlock and use each other’s craftsmanship. Black Inc. is an incubator that invests in companies (Start-ups and Scale-ups) with a lot of potential. Our members will therefore be assisted in all areas so as to succeed as entrepreneurs. We want to practice how to respect each other as Afro Dutch people and to see each other as a potential business partners and forefront players our society can learn from.
We strive to develop our 21st Century skills to ensure that we really achieve our goals to become truly a self-reliant and accountable community.

WHO? You are invited to join us!

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